What Are Google Ads?

What Are Google Ads

What is Google Ads


Google Ads (previously Google AdWords) is a platform for digital advertisment using the populer Google Search Engine and other Google properties such as Gmail and the Display Network (a collection of websites which shows ads tailored to the audience of those websites).

Google searches are made up of two parts; organic searches and paid ads. Google Ads are the search results you see at the top of every Google search query, usually marked with a green “AD“. Advertisers pay for the cost of showing these ads once a visitor clicks on the  ad, hence the name “pay-per-click” advertisment. Ads are available on Desktop, Smart phones and Tablets.

As a search engine, Google’s priority is to show the most relevant search results to searchers. Search queries activate Google Ads. As an example, the search query “Nike football boots” will present the following paid and organic results where the first three results are paid ads and the next two are organic listings;



Video: What is Google Ads (Previously AdWords)


So whether you are a plumber in Chester, an Electrician in Warrington, a florist in Manchester or a Dentist in Wilmslow, Google Ads can help drive sales for your business. eCommerce businesses can also use Google Ads to drive traffic and reach new customers. eCommerce business also have the advantage of using Google Ads to retarget visitors who did not make a purchase on their first visit.

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