Pay Per Click Management

Facebook Ads Management

An investment in Facebook Ads is an investment in an on-going process of ad spend optimisation to ensure that you get the best Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for your marketing budget.

With the amount of data Facebook has on interests, demographics, activities and shopping behaviour of virtually anyone in the world, Facebook has become a major contender for online advertising and a solid ground for businesses to gain new customers and clients. The targeting options of Facebook vary and can be harnessed to find the right audience, no matter how large, small or specific.

Achieving the most out of Facebook campaigns requires more and more expertise, as the targeting options and complexity involved in running Facebook ads need involves a steep learning slope. Businesses like ours harness the power of Facebook to grow and overtime, we have learnt the nooks and crannies of Facebook Ads management to help you achieve the most out of your advertising budget and profit from this powerful social media channel.

How Can Facebook Help My Business?

In contrast to Google Adwords, Facebook is perfect for targeting people because of who they are, what they do online and their interests. Every like, share, comment or post creates a data point which refines an individual's profile on Facebook. Businesses can tap into these individual preferences with targeted ads which provides a high measurable Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).


Why Choose Indexsio Digital Facebook Ads Management?

Just like anything digital, Facebook advertising is constantly evolving and businesses need to keep up with the pace of frequent changes and enhancements. To keep up with these changes is a task in itself.

To harness the real power of Facebook and to utilise advanced features such as conversion optimisation, interest targeting or custom audiences, you need to become an Advanced Facebook Ads manager or find a professional who works in this space on a daily basis.

At Indexsio Digtial, our Facebook Ads Management service includes the setting up of Facebook tracking pixels on your website, optimising your campaigns, graphic work, split-testing audiences and analytical reporting for your campaigns. We are heavily involved in refining and tweaking your ads to ensure the a high Return On Ad Spend (ROAS), which frees your time to focus on your core business.

Maximise your profits

As a business, we know the importance of tracking costs, especially, costs associated with customer acquisition. That is why our Facebook  Management services focuses on this one important metric, Cost per Acquisition (CPA), for every campaign.

By focusing our attention on the ad and audience combinations that bring in the most conversions, we work tirelessly to reduce your (CPA) once we have worked that number out. Once the CPA is profitable, we’ll suggest increasing your Facebook ad budget to scale up, utilising an array of scaling options to  scale up your profit from the ads as a result.

Clear Reporting

Just like all our services, we provide scheduled reports of the activities we have undertaken with your budget, why we undertook those activities, the results achieved and plans for the future work. we believe that you should always know what your budget is being spent on and always kept in the loop.

Transparent Pricnig

At Indexiso Digital, we believe in transparent pricing based on a fixed fee for the first three (3) months of engagement and a % of ad spend in subsequent months. This is fair to ensure that we produce the results you need for your business to grow within the first three (3) months and to be equally compensated for our efforts, based on the results produced within the 90 day period.

Our approach to pricing ensures that we do our best for a fixed fee for the first three months, regardless of budget and for you to recover your ad spend and enable more resources to be invested in a successful campaign.

Proactive Monitoring

We wish we could lay claim to the fact that Facebook advertising is a “set and forget” task. Unfortunately, no Facebook advertising campaign stays profitable forever unless it is constantly managed. Audience saturation, ad blindness and offer fatigue all set in unless a campaign is rigorously tracked and tweaked. Whereas “set and forget” campaigns decrease in efficiency as time goes on, we strip away under-performing audience segments and actually increase campaign performance over time.