Drive Business Growth with Google

Drive Business Growth with Google – Organic and Paid

Drive Business Growth with Google Ads

Advertising on Google is not only about Google Ads (the PPC component of Google searches). Organic rankings in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) also counts as a form of advertisement for your brand, product or web page. Moreover, there possibility of being ranked on local searches by within the Google 3-Pack should be regarded as an advertising exposure for your business.

A lot of businesses believe that Google Ads is the only way to place announcement within the Google SERPs however there is also an opportunity to advertise for your business using your web page or ecommerce stores title and meta descriptions for advertising your products, services, trade, restaurant or small business through local searches. Both forms of advertisement are worth considering, as it can drive traffic to physical business locations In Real Life (IRL) and to your website or ecommerce site, without paying Google a dime.

Title and Meta Descriptions – Your Ad in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)

Potential customers see your title and meta descriptions for your website or ecommerce site in SERPs as a form of advertising for your web or product pages. As a result of this, it is worthwhile to spend time in writing engaging and high convertible sales text which will attract potential customers to click on your listing within the SERPs instead of a competing listing.

To be effective, each and every page would require a unique title and meta description to be manually written for relevancy, with the aim of driving sales and conversions. Always ensure that you place the most important keywords at the beginning of your titles in order to signal to Google and searchers that your website or ecommerce shop is relevant to their search intentions.

On ecommerce sites, focus should be placed on product names, especially as searchers would most likely be looking for a particular product when searching on Google.

It is recommended to use the keywords for each page a couple of times within meta descriptions. Using the keywords in the meta descriptions does not actually help in search placements however, Google highlights all relevant keywords relative to the search query in search results if these  are part of your title, meta descriptions and the URL. The more the search query used is highlighted as part of your search listing, the more likely searchers would be inclined to click on your listing.

Take Advantage of Local SEO

Do you run a cafe, shop, local business or are a tradesman and would like to be visible in search results for local searches? If the answer to this is a sounding yes, then you need to optimise your website or ecommerce site for the locations which you serve and at the same time, ensure your business is on Google My Business. Optimising your website and ecommerce site for local searches in conjunction with Google My Business ensures that Google shows displays your website or ecommerce site on local searches for relevant search queries. Google My Business offers includes direction requests to your physical address and can lead to an increase in traffic IRL.

For your business to be shown in local search results, you need to claim and verify your Google My Business listing. This is a free service from Google which helps local businesses appear on Google for relevant search queries. Google My Business allows businesses to provide relevant information about their business such as Name, Address and Phone number (NAP) and other information such as opening times, service, menu listings as well as upload pictures of your business location (both internal and external). For restaurants, Google My Business offers the possibility of uploading internal images to show how enticing and welcoming the restaurant looks for potential customers.

Targeting with Google Ads

Google Ads offers the possibility to target your marketing on keywords relevant to your business or ecommerce site in driving sales and footfall to your business. Google Ads extends this to Google Shopping which allows businesses to showcase their entire product catalogue and price information within search results. Google Ads and Google Shopping are the paid version of advertising on Google which exposes your business to new customers. Customers who click on Google Ads are most likely to convert and become new customers by virtue of the fact that your business provided exactly what they searched for on Google, be it a product, service or some other piece of information. These “warm leads” are the most easiest to come by for any business and should be pursued consistently.

The possibility for ad targeting and showing your ads to a ready market makes Google Ads an effective platform with a low cost per click (CPC) and the highest click-through rate (CTR) and conversions.

On the other hand, care should be taken when setting up Google Ads. Google Ads utilises what is known as match types. Using the wrong match type can in the worst case scenario be the difference between a highly successful ad or a money-maker for Google’s purse. A highly effective and optimised ad will have carefully selected keywords and key phrases as well as relevant ad text and content on landing pages. With this in mind, Google Ads can be the engine of growth for your business with a much lesser cost of acquisition, compared to other platforms.

Want to Drive Business Growth on Google  – Organic and Paid?

Business growth on Google requires an optimised and effective strategy for organic and paid search results. This requires a great depth of knowledge of SEO and account builds within Google Ads and campaigns.

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