Above the Fold – Definition of Above the Fold

What is Above the Fold?

Above the fold in digital marketing. What does it mean?

In this series, we will be touching on some of the terminology you are most likely to come across in online and digital marketing.

Above the fold is the term given to content which is visible before a visitor scrolls down on your website, be it on a desktop, mobile device or a laptop. The term “above the fold” is derived from an old tactic used in print and news media where sensational news was placed “above the fold”. Imagine a newspaper stand where all newspapers are folded in two, with a section of the front page featuring a sensational headline sticking out. This is how the term “above the fold” came to be, as a marketing term. News and print media used this tactic to sell newspapers as potential readers only saw the exposed bit of the front page with a sensational headline.

In digital marketing, above the fold placements are the most attractive placements on any website, as this is what visitors see on their first visit to your website. In other words, Above the Fold is an expression for the visible area on any website which is first shown, without scrolling. This includes announcements, menu items, headlines and text.

Above the fold placements varies from screen to screen, depending on the device. As a result of this, it is important to render your website on different screen sizes to have an idea how your website looks on different platforms.

It is essential to place the most important elements, text and announcements above the fold. Visible text above the fold should entice your visitors to further engage content on your website. Less engaging content on your website leads to a higher bounce rate and low dwell time; two factors which affect Google search engine results.

Sections above the fold contribute to engaging your visitors which leads them to stay and engage with your content. Above the fold contents should also be used a prelude to what lie beneath the fold. Likewise, it’s also important to note that the most important piece of content visible above the fold and not hidden below the fold as most visitors lose interest in reading on the more they scroll down a page.

Above the Fold as a Page Prelude

Generally speaking, it can be tempting to start a piece of content with an anecdote which is irrelevant to the content of your web page. A lengthy anecdote which with no relation to the content of the page can have a negative impact on the page’s CTR and dwell time, as visitors will quickly conclude the irrelevance of the page, relative to their search intentions. Therefore, it’s advisable to start with a little introduction to the content of the page and that it bears relation to their search intent. To this end, whether you are optimising your WordPress blog or website or optimising your shopify store to attract, engage and delight customers, emphasis should be placed on content above the fold for an increase in CTR and dwell time.

Digital Prime Real Estate Above the Fold

Procuring above the fold ads can be an expensive affair. When buying ad placements, you need to be aware that ads placed above the fold are much more expensive than other ads placed on the same website, as above the fold ads have a higher level of exposure than those longer than the page. Ads below the fold do not enjoy the same level of exposure as above the fold hence in online ads, you should be aware that above the fold is a prime digital real estate. 

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